Over the couple of years how life turned out

Way back when i was in college, apart from doing my electrical engineering i was more interested in working for the entrepreneurship cell. I was fortunate to hear a lot of startup stories (from budding startup’s to the established one’s) and it was kind of exciting too back then, to see the founders get bubbled up explaining us about their idea and how they gave life to it, nurtured it. It was as exciting as watching rajikanth’s padaiyappa movie to hear them talk about their startup journey (starting from scratch to being a successful empire builder).

So we always had this Q&A session post these start up founder talks where I always (LITERALLY ALWAYS) have asked them this one question. How soon should one start their company? Should it be right out of college? Or after gaining enough experience? When exactly is the right time?

The answers always varied from person to person but i was always excited no matter what they replied me.

The thing is I was only turned on by the idea of having my very own company when in reality i never had a concrete idea to start a venture. So eventually like every one else i also sat for campus placements and got recruited for a MNC.

It’s almost been 2.5 years and i am still working for the same MNC. This has been a different journey. Smooth sail in contrast to the roller coaster ride i wanted. Eventually i have grown as a person in many ways and have met some incredible folks in this journey so far and am fortunate for it. But the excitement had somewhere gotten buried inside me and that’s how life has turned out for the past couple of years. I ‘ll post back when i revive back the excitement.

Happy reading for now:).

FYI, the post may sound like a farewell message for leaving the company but no that ain’t happening now 😛


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To the new beginning

Just did a brief post moterm of my previous blogs and figured that most of my blogs are either boring or bragging.

Very few were little interesting such as the kane and william story. It kinda had a sense of newness when i read it even now.

So i am gonna dust their memories and try continue on their life story.

Wanna know what happened when kate met William ?? Keep waiting and stay tuned.

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Why do men want it more?

This is still an age old discussion doing the rounds with many new research findings.

Before I cast my opinion on this topic, I would like the readers to answer the below questions

  • Do men frequent to red light area more or women?
  • Do men enjoy the skin show more or women?
  • Infidelity rate is higher in men or women?

If the answer to above questions are straight forward, So is the answer to the topic.

Yes, Men want it more than women.

The reason for that is not as simple as the question itself.

Biologically, Men’s blood testosterone levels are, on average, seven or eight times higher than women’s. This will drive to crave the men to make love more than women do.

You must be wondering why has nature created this imbalance? Here’s the answer from Mother Nature.

Women’s fertility window lasts only for a week and the egg is available only for a day for the reproduction process to take place with the sperm.

No one can predict when those hours are going to occur. For the human race to continue, men have to be “ready to go” whenever a woman says “now”.

Apart from that, there is a sociological angle to it as well.

By the culturally appropriate script,  Men are the ones with higher desire. Men are “supposed” to want “it” more. Men are also “supposed” to be accustomed to rejection: “it’s not me”, a man can tell himself, “it’s just that women naturally aren’t as sexually driven as men.”

They may be frustrated or resentful – but at least they are reassured that this is “normal.”

Higher-desire women don’t get that reassurance from the society and are tabooed if it’s the she who wants “it” more.

The situation may climax if the couples caress the biology with the sociology and hit the common grounds based on their needs and interests.

Disclaimer: I am not a researcher and the above article was written with my limited knowledge of my feminist part of my brain. But the same is not to be mistaken for a piece of fiction as well 😉

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Genesis is the annual B plan competition on social entrepreneurship. It is being organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of IITM every year, since 2008.

This year, from a 100 plus entries, 8 teams were shortlisted and were pitted against each other on September 16, 2012. The top two teams bags a cash prize of 4 lakhs.

This blog post is about the B plans presented by the teams.

ISIS – Skill development center

ISIS is a training center for the rural youth to make them employable in their own home land. The Krishnagiri based Skill development center focuses its training mainly on banking, IT sector and is planning to expand as a Business process Management. They also improve the student’s communication skills and soft skills during the training. In addition to that they conduct soft skills development program for various colleges.

The main objective of making the rural youth stay in their own home land is not possible. It’s mainly because of the current market trend in the rural area.

Project Kayakalp – Pulling the strings of change

A student body supported by SIFE community , Project Kayakalp is trying to empower the artist who live in poverty because of their lost art form. They are currently focusing on raising the standard of living of the Rajasthani puppeteers.

The Kayakalp team works in a very structured manner by identifying the puppeteers who are economically backward and giving them expert training in their art form. Because of this training the puppeteers are able to add entertainment quotient to their already existing art form and hence making it more attractive and profitable. Through effective marketing, using puppets with fancy costumes, theme based puppet shows the puppeteers are getting more and more visibility.

As a proof of the above statements the team stated that the Rajasthani puppeteers have successfully completed 7 shows and are going strong.

Even during the off season the team Kayakalp helps the puppeteers in keeping themselves busy either by enhancing their skills or by teaching the kids the art of puppetry there by inculcating an interest for puppetry in the younger generation.


Unique of its kind the team is working on TB cure. This is different from the existing ones as it will increase the immunity of our body from the TB causing bacteria rather than directly attacking the bacteria and flushing it out of the system. It’s done by injecting the antibody to the hen. The eggs of the hen produce the substance with additional immunity from the bacteria responsible for TB. It is then processed and transported for consumption.

This is an on going experiment if successful will result in a low cost and high quality drug for TB cure. The side effects of this cure is something which we will have to look into.

With three teams done and three more to go we broke for lunch.


It’s a venture on treating pathological and infectious waste. It’s a cost effective method which uses the MATE technology.

It was the first session post lunch and i was in the mood for a siesta. so I was unable to cover much about this venture.

Swasthabharat – Health For All

If a lot can happen over coffee, a lot more can happen over a mobile phone. Swasthabharat presented a simple sms based multilingual app for diabetes. As India is the country with high number of diabetic patients and Chennai being the diabetic capital of India, there is a need to create awareness on diabetes.

This app is a set of 20 questionnaire which has to be answered. Based on the response the risk level of diabetes for the patient is found. Apart from that it gives alerts on banned drugs. Swasthabharat is also collaborating with Asha for the TB cure.

A 6 month free trial subscription is given initially. Later if the patient is willing to continue, the paid subscription model for the specific service will be provided.


It’s a waste management company which converts the waste into environment friendly solutions. Waste Management happens in a series of steps:

Waste Audit → Solution Design → System set up → Awareness → Operation and Maintenance of the plant.

Their unique value proposition is that they give the whole package of waste management. The team is currently working on building new models which can be placed on the roof top or parking space.

They also have a dry waste collection unit which collects huge volumes of paper from big companies and educational institutions and recycle them and return the recycled products.

When questioned about the non degradable plastic which cannot be recycled he quoted “ Those type of plastic will be converted into sheets and will be used for various purposes. In fact plastics are better than paper, if handled properly. If we have to convert all the plastic material into Eco friendly material then we will be cutting more and more tress. That will do more harm than good”.

The team is operating currently in Mumbai. As it has a huge scope for scalability, the judges suggested on expanding the current system through franchise model.

With that the final presentation for the event was over.

The winner of the event was sampurnEarth.

Its focus was on solving the pain point in India today which is the waste management. The scope for scalability and demand for such project is huge. Projects like these will lead to a cleaner and greener India.

The runners up was Kayakalp. For the remarkable presentation and perfectly synchronized talk the team truly deserved it.

The Third place was a tie between the other 3 teams (excluding ISIS).

Kudos to the Organizing Team of Genesis for making this event a success. 



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Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca from you tube shares us the key ingredients which makes a video viral.

  • Taste makers
  • Active participation
  • Unexpectedness

This is an interesting watch as he shows us the stats on videos go viral.

I wonder which category the kolaveri song comes under.

, ,

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Figuring out

Tavi Gevinson is a teenage girl who is figuring out what it is like to be a feminist and what makes a strong female character.

She started a website related to fashion and invited people to send photographs, article or anything of that sort which is related to figuring out a teen girl’s life.

She emphasizes the fact that it’s okay to be not clear but be unapologetic about things which you do in your life.

This ted video is about teen girls figuring out and also about the motives behind Tavi’s website which is closely related to what makes a strong female character

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Did you know this?

It’s not just the trees which give us the oxygen.

It’s also the unseen sea microbes which contribute to the oxygen we breathe.

These tiny sea microbes (It’s told that a single spoon of a sea water contains 5 millions of bacteria and 50 millions of viruses) does associate with the humans in many ways. Watch the video and know yourself how they influence the environment.

The study of microbes has started only off late and some of the astounding facts about sea microbes are what Melissa Garren shared with us through this ted talk. So this is a TED video about the unseen sea and the microbes in it.

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