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Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca from you tube shares us the key ingredients which makes a video viral.

  • Taste makers
  • Active participation
  • Unexpectedness

This is an interesting watch as he shows us the stats on videos go viral.

I wonder which category the kolaveri song comes under.


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Figuring out

Tavi Gevinson is a teenage girl who is figuring out what it is like to be a feminist and what makes a strong female character.

She started a website related to fashion and invited people to send photographs, article or anything of that sort which is related to figuring out a teen girl’s life.

She emphasizes the fact that it’s okay to be not clear but be unapologetic about things which you do in your life.

This ted video is about teen girls figuring out and also about the motives behind Tavi’s website which is closely related to what makes a strong female character

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Did you know this?

It’s not just the trees which give us the oxygen.

It’s also the unseen sea microbes which contribute to the oxygen we breathe.

These tiny sea microbes (It’s told that a single spoon of a sea water contains 5 millions of bacteria and 50 millions of viruses) does associate with the humans in many ways. Watch the video and know yourself how they influence the environment.

The study of microbes has started only off late and some of the astounding facts about sea microbes are what Melissa Garren shared with us through this ted talk. So this is a TED video about the unseen sea and the microbes in it.

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Papers are silent, websites are flat, newspapers state facts

Kelly Anderson who is a designer and artist by choice, in this ted talk narrates about 3 of her projects and walks us through the experience she got out of them.

The first project is a holiday card which she has designed for her friend. When she showed the card it looked like, just another holiday card with fancy texture and some weird design. The real beauty was seen only when she unfolded and folded the whole card. It was a creation not just a card. It was a documentary of opening the card itself. A sheer master piece I would say.

The second project was a wedding invitation. That was for her musical friends who were getting married. They wanted to have their own song composition in their invitation. So Kelly did all the research work and got it done for them. The audience funny bones were trickled when she explained how she asked the paper producers to supply her with paper of good audio property.

The third project was to sell newspapers similar to the New York Times with the news which people would love to see in the papers. Most of good news is distant reality. In her third project she made that distant reality a possibility. They printed all the good news instead of the actual news and circulated it to the New York City. The look at every reader’s face when they saw the fake news was a laughing riot for the audience.

The 16 minutes of watching the video is a fun ride. I did not want it to end. Ms. Anderson is truly remarkable. The way she narrated the whole concept of why life is so boring when you travel in the beaten path is impeccable. The talk basically highlights the following 2 points

  • Don’t do the regular stuff ‘coz most of them are dull, boring and depressing.
  • We need change. So design that change in a unique way.

Watch it and enjoy

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Power of introverts

I am an introvert, but there are moments in my day to day life, i wish i were an extrovert. I always liked them and wondered what it takes to be like them. For me to be an extrovert is a lot of hard work.Turns out, being an introvert is one of the best things which can happen to you. Here it is Susan cain’s TED talk on “The power of introverts”.

We live in a culture that is biased against a constellation of straits namely shyness, seriousness, introversion and this leads to a colossal waste of talent, energy and happiness.My belief, my sense, my hope that when it comes our attitude to introversion, quiet and solitude, we truly are placed in the brink of dramatic change.

Here are some of the things which Ms.Susan came up with in her talk and i loved them all.

We encourage introverts to act like extroverts and spoil the attribute of introversion and their real surprising powers.

For few people solitude is the air we breathe.

Deep thoughts comes only when you work on your own.

We need more autonomy, more privacy and much more freedom.

So, stop the madness for the constant group activities. Go to the wilderness and have your own revelation.Take a good look of what’s inside your suitcase.

PS: I watched this video thrice(may be more than that). That was mainly because of two reasons. One, my concentration level is at an all time low. Two, she is just awesome and her talk is so full of inspiring introversion.

I also bumped into another interesting video of Ms.Susan for Forbes about her book “Quiet” and in that interview her answer to the question who is an introvert and who is an extrovert is neat and clear.

What’s the difference between an introvert and an extrovert?

Introverts are people who like more quiet, less stimulating environment.where as extroverts create more stimulation to feel at their best and this is an important thing to see because people often assume that being an introvert means being anti-social. But its really not that at all. It’s just differently social. So an introvert preferring a stimulation where often they prefer to have a glass of wine with a close friend as supposed to go into a loud party full of strangers.

It’s told that more than half the world’s population are introverts and most of them have a secret sense of shame to be one. It’s time to enjoy who we are. Celebrate the you, no matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert.