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Is the paradise becoming the paradox?

I wanted to buy a new phone. I was clear with the budget and asked a trusted source for a recommendation. I was pretty happy with the recommended phone and decided to buy it without looking for any other options.

In the flash sale world, you are no longer the sole deciding authority on when you want to buy a phone. So I had to wait until the sale date was announced.

On the day of the flash sale I felt like a kid who was appearing for an exam. The sale began at 12 noon. I tried and failed to order the phone during the sale window which lasted for about 45 minutes. My excitement to own a new phone was crushed at that moment. I wish I had better prepared.

I decided to equip myself better for the next sale using this experience by researching the various options in the market. The preparation deviated to virtual window shopping. There were phones of all sizes, specifications and colors. The wave of choice hit me, flooded me, drowned me. I spent hours researching on all of those phone’s specifications, watched videos on their unboxing, analyzed their pros and cons.

It was overwhelming. I spend many anxious hours comparing my phone and felt paranoid that I was missing out on so many things which my phone doesn’t offer.

That’s when it hit me that we have choices in abundance. From the mundane day to day decisions to critical decisions, we have so much out there to choice from. These choices should make us feel empowered. But they sometimes leave us exhausted, less satisfied, unnerved, clueless and confused. The abundance of choice pressurize us to analyse and settle for the best. When we do settle for the best, it doesn’t make us feel so.

As the tamil saying goes “Alavukku Minjinal Amirthamum Nanju”.

The paradise becomes the paradox when choices are overwhelming.


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