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Surface to Inside – Kate

Though story is titled Kate Met William, there is more to it than just meeting William.

Kate about herself.

Hi, I am Kate.

I am a happy go lucky girl on the surface. But that’s just the surface. Inside, I am a sad story looper and often imagine the worst things that can happen.  Not just that, I suck the joy out of me in no time. I do it free off cost without a reason.

With this case if I go to a psychiatrist they may torture to revisit my childhood to understand the roots of where all this came from. But chuck it. I am my own shrink and won’t let anyone ruin my sadness.

My life apart from meeting William has a lot of emotional stories. So I am going to pause the romance for a while and let you all know some of it.

I am not a movie freak. But sometimes watching a movie can change my mood drastically. It was one of these mornings when I wake up and know it’s not going to be a happy one. I sat down to watch a movie. Perks of being a wallflower. I have read the book months ago. But I never knew there is a movie based on this book. While reading the book, I was able to empathize with charlie(protagonist of the story). I used to be him when I was small. Hated going to school till 5th grade. I literally had nothing to look forward to most of the year. I was the underdog, the wallflower girl at school, the least popular kid among the relatives, the daughter who wasn’t pampered because of various reasons. These feelings put together summed up my childhood memories. I did have some happy one’s but all shadowed by the above not-so-happy one’s.

All these could have resulted in me growing up to be a lousy adult. But I did pass through the sad tunnel.

The movie got over but it brought back some of my not so pleasant memories. The sad memories are going to lingering forever because they were once moments in my life. So i am going to let them be.

——————————–To Be Continued—————————–



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