As a gautham vasudev menon’s heroine in a Maniratnam movie

On Pongal eve, Yennai arindhal was aired on the television set. They had skipped the “Mazhai vara pogudhei” song and i was very disappointed because that’s the magic of the movie. That’s when i was wondering how does gautham’s heroines look so magically angelic in his movies. Coincidentally my sister told me about gautham menon’s interview with khusbhu. I immediately started watching that interview. I was always intrigued about the thought process he goes through for his film, especially his heroine’s characterization.

During the interview he explained about his lady love’s and the romances in his life, about the way his dad loved his mother. His definition of love and his perspective of love at first sight.

We don’t like his heroine’s for their looks but more for their character and the way she carries herself.

It’s not just his heroine’s, the houses and places he presents in his movies. They are all very simple yet soo  very elegant and O.M.G.

It’s one of my dreams to be a gautham vasudev menon’s heroine in a maniratnam’s movie in real life 🙂

Simple and real yet so elegant and classy. Mother a kid to follow their dream and inspire them to love with all their heart.

It is one of my bucket list item to act as a heroine in a gautham menon’s movie and to be a assistant in a maniratnam’s movie. Though it can never be a reality, a girl can always dream 😉

Note: To the one person who has started reading my blog post regularly off late, You have been incredibly sweet and nice to me. You are a person who treasure’s a girl gautham’s way in your own style. Your girl is really lucky(saying this for the nth time).







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