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Lean in Fems

If you are familiar with Facebook, you should know it’s COO Sheryl Sandberg. I am a huge admirer of her movement lean in . Her conversation about leaning in urged me to write this blog post and share my experience.

I have been in the workforce for more than 2 years and I haven’t faced a situation where i wish i were a guy. But there have been instances where the guys have an advantage. I happen to know a male colleague who was sent onshore early in his career and a female colleague who had to struggle for the same spot.

If you have worked for an IT company you will know GCP/Onshore role is something which is not given away so easily(most of the time).

Both of them were of the same career level and had the same skill set. It happened naturally for him whereas for her with a lot of effort. You want to know why?, I definitely wanted to. So I asked him, “How? Did you do something different than others?”.  His answer, “One day during a casual conversation in the Men’s washroom while we were doing our thing I told the boss I would love to go onshore and he considered it a year later when the opportunity opened up “.

It got me thinking. Was the restricted access to the Men’s washroom the deal breaker for her? Turns out it was. For her it was walking up to the corner office to let the boss know about her career choice and it isn’t as easy as catching up in the washroom.

From this, two things are very clear.

  • Women don’t express their career demands/choices/expectations very often.
  • There are not enough women in the top, so that girls can also have such washroom conversations .

Even the household environment isn’t very encouraging for working women. A married female colleague told me her husband was unhappy that she is a working woman. I was shocked, “Isn’t it good for him? You share the expense of running a family and reduce his financial burden”. She sighed, “At the end of the day, I am not at home when he returns from office. He has to make his own coffee, whereas his brother gets hot bajji’s along with the coffee from his wife(who happens to be a full time home maker). It upsets him”.

It wasn’t his fault for wanting hot bajji’s or her fault for wanting the financial independence. But it’s the flaw in the society’s set up (for not having a bajji stall near their place 😉 ).

All these needs change and will need to happen much quicker.

Women earn less than men at all educational levels and the gender pay gap widens for persons with advanced degrees

We need more women in the top. We need more women across all industries. The numbers should increase vertically and horizontally to end the equal pay myth.

Let’s make the world better and let women lead as much as the men do and pay them equally well.

Personally, I will continue to be in the workforce, voice my career choices and will choose a partner who is a real partner. I wish all the women are given the choice to do what they want in life.

Disclaimer: I solely voiced my opinion and by no means intended to hurt/misuse/disgrace anyone’s opinion or choice.










As a gautham vasudev menon’s heroine in a Maniratnam movie

On Pongal eve, Yennai arindhal was aired on the television set. They had skipped the “Mazhai vara pogudhei” song and i was very disappointed because that’s the magic of the movie. That’s when i was wondering how does gautham’s heroines look so magically angelic in his movies. Coincidentally my sister told me about gautham menon’s interview with khusbhu. I immediately started watching that interview. I was always intrigued about the thought process he goes through for his film, especially his heroine’s characterization.

During the interview he explained about his lady love’s and the romances in his life, about the way his dad loved his mother. His definition of love and his perspective of love at first sight.

We don’t like his heroine’s for their looks but more for their character and the way she carries herself.

It’s not just his heroine’s, the houses and places he presents in his movies. They are all very simple yet soo  very elegant and O.M.G.

It’s one of my dreams to be a gautham vasudev menon’s heroine in a maniratnam’s movie in real life 🙂

Simple and real yet so elegant and classy. Mother a kid to follow their dream and inspire them to love with all their heart.

It is one of my bucket list item to act as a heroine in a gautham menon’s movie and to be a assistant in a maniratnam’s movie. Though it can never be a reality, a girl can always dream 😉

Note: To the one person who has started reading my blog post regularly off late, You have been incredibly sweet and nice to me. You are a person who treasure’s a girl gautham’s way in your own style. Your girl is really lucky(saying this for the nth time).







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