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Clueless 20’s

Being in the 20’s is like getting stranded in the middle of the ocean. I am not sure which half of the journey would be interesting, the one already gone by or the one which i am about to sail across.

Just after 3 days of final engineering exams, i got posted in Bangalore.
Popular IT firm, Decent pay check, New city. Exciting combo for an okayishly reputed college graduate like me.
I shopped limitless on my first month salary and went to Hindi cinema with training colleagues and roamed the streets at midnight(This one liner has two things ticked from my bucket list).

Though it was thrilling, i had to experience a lot of stuff being away from home during that time.
From picking a 2 sharing or 3 sharing room for my stay to doing my clothes, feeding myself, having to deal with my sickness, depression. Everything was on me to decide. I started to hate my life and desperately wanted to go back home. HR was my new god. I visited him quite frequently and told him Chennai was my preferred work location post the training.
Things went on and the training ended. Eventually i started gettingĀ used to the new surrounding, made some new friends and tried to make myself at home in Bangalore.
That’s when my HR decided to get me back to my comfort zone and posted me back to Chennai. My parents were happy, i was happy and all my lucky gods were thanked.

Strangely I needed time to get used to the city i lived in for 20 years of my life. New people, new rules and i felt like i am starting over again.

Now i amĀ part of the team which supports the operations of a telecom company based on Australia.

It has been 2.5 years.

I have been receiving wedding and baby shower invite’s on my name for a while now. I have send off many people abroad for studies/work.
Half the people i know have quit their jobs and started post graduation. The other half are married and started having kids. Few of them have chosen their path purposefully while the others went with the flow.
That’s the change around me.

Now if i have to traces the dots in my life so far, it has been a child’s scribble. The picture doesn’t make sense. Still remains clueless. Right now i am going through some special hardship training by nature to figure what my picture will look like in the end.

If you have read this post so far, i would like know about your 20’s story and how it is/went by.













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