The First meet

Commentering for the match was all together a different experience for her but now she was supposed to interview the Star of the Match. Kate was anxious as this was all too sudden. She was excited, honored, frightened, paranoid all at the same time. Her brain froze and she stood still for a while below the commentary box trying to digest the whole situation.

She was staring at the moving crowd who were vacating the stadium after the match. The trash cans were getting disposed of their waste and the baseball court was getting prep’d for the tomorrow’s match.

She was mentally trying to work out a plan on how to get past the whole thing. She racked her bag for a piece of paper and wrote down a couple of questions. She read them out loud, took a deep breath and went into the interview room. She positioned herself facing the camera and mentally imagined the interview happen. Little did Kate know that all the pre-preparations which she did were to go in vain. By the time William came in, Kate was nervously sweating  because of the pressure she put herself in. She did not even see him come by.

On the other hand, William noticed Kate as soon as he walked in. He was curious about the new face sitting across the hall and was later informed that she will be interviewing him for today. He glanced at her worried sweaty face while getting his mike attached to his shirt. He smiled to himself on seeing her so agitated for interviewing him and went into the hall with the glass of water.

He introduced himself to her and offered her the glass of water. “No, Thank you” is all she said. William placed the glass of water in the table and sat across her starting to feel little uncomfortably himself now. He thought of making small conversation to ease the situation before camera started rolling but decided against it.

Kate met William for the very first time in person up close. His handsome face and athletic body engulfed her. Crush at first site. She had one of those moment today after seeing Willaim. His presence did something to her which she has never felt before. She cursed herself for not having the water which he offered. She forgot the rehearsed question but now all she cared was to make an excuse to drink the glass of water which he had gotten for her.

She smiled sheepishly and said “Hi William, This is.. hmm.. you know what can i have the glass of water”.  William passed the glass of water smiling . “Here you go Kate. I hope this calms you down. I am not here to eat you alive and you know that right?” and chuckled gently.

“HE KNOWS MY NAME”, Kate mind voice echoed when the camera started rolling..

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