Over the couple of years how life turned out

Way back when i was in college, apart from doing my electrical engineering i was more interested in working for the entrepreneurship cell. I was fortunate to hear a lot of startup stories (from budding startup’s to the established one’s) and it was kind of exciting too back then, to see the founders get bubbled up explaining us about their idea and how they gave life to it, nurtured it. It was as exciting as watching rajikanth’s padaiyappa movie to hear them talk about their startup journey (starting from scratch to being a successful empire builder).

So we always had this Q&A session post these start up founder talks where I always (LITERALLY ALWAYS) have asked them this one question. How soon should one start their company? Should it be right out of college? Or after gaining enough experience? When exactly is the right time?

The answers always varied from person to person but i was always excited no matter what they replied me.

The thing is I was only turned on by the idea of having my very own company when in reality i never had a concrete idea to start a venture. So eventually like every one else i also sat for campus placements and got recruited for a MNC.

It’s almost been 2.5 years and i am still working for the same MNC. This has been a different journey. Smooth sail in contrast to the roller coaster ride i wanted. Eventually i have grown as a person in many ways and have met some incredible folks in this journey so far and am fortunate for it. But the excitement had somewhere gotten buried inside me and that’s how life has turned out for the past couple of years. I ‘ll post back when i revive back the excitement.

Happy reading for now:).

FYI, the post may sound like a farewell message for leaving the company but no that ain’t happening now 😛

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