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Why do men want it more?

This is still an age old discussion doing the rounds with many new research findings.

Before I cast my opinion on this topic, I would like the readers to answer the below questions

  • Do men frequent to red light area more or women?
  • Do men enjoy the skin show more or women?
  • Infidelity rate is higher in men or women?

If the answer to above questions are straight forward, So is the answer to the topic.

Yes, Men want it more than women.

The reason for that is not as simple as the question itself.

Biologically, Men’s blood testosterone levels are, on average, seven or eight times higher than women’s. This will drive to crave the men to make love more than women do.

You must be wondering why has nature created this imbalance? Here’s the answer from Mother Nature.

Women’s fertility window lasts only for a week and the egg is available only for a day for the reproduction process to take place with the sperm.

No one can predict when those hours are going to occur. For the human race to continue, men have to be “ready to go” whenever a woman says “now”.

Apart from that, there is a sociological angle to it as well.

By the culturally appropriate script,  Men are the ones with higher desire. Men are “supposed” to want “it” more. Men are also “supposed” to be accustomed to rejection: “it’s not me”, a man can tell himself, “it’s just that women naturally aren’t as sexually driven as men.”

They may be frustrated or resentful – but at least they are reassured that this is “normal.”

Higher-desire women don’t get that reassurance from the society and are tabooed if it’s the she who wants “it” more.

The situation may climax if the couples caress the biology with the sociology and hit the common grounds based on their needs and interests.

Disclaimer: I am not a researcher and the above article was written with my limited knowledge of my feminist part of my brain. But the same is not to be mistaken for a piece of fiction as well 😉


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