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Here’s the review of the movie Oru Kal Oru kanadi

It’s one of the over hyped movie which did not have much in store in the story. The film’s genre is comedy but it does not have many decent comedy scenes as well.

So first let me narrate the story board for the benefit of the audience. It has a very regular opening. An average looking hero falls in love with a beautiful heroine the moment he sees her. He follows her everywhere and tries to woo her for marriage. The Girl tries to shoo him off by telling about her dad’s police profile but he does not relents.

Slowly they become friends. And finally the heroine falls in love with him when a jerk (mapillai) of her parent’s choice finds faults in her and passes silly comments about her looks and manners during their very first meet.

But due to some silly loose talks by the hero, the heroine leave him and decides to marry another jerk mapillai of her parents choice.

This usual story line is starring Udayanidhi Stalin as hero and Hanshika as heroine and Santhanam as Comedy lead.

Regarding the performances, Santhanam dominates the entire movie. His dialogue delivery, his spontaneity is what makes the audience sit through the film. But his punch lines in this movie are not very catchy as it was in his previous rajesh’s flicks.(Nanben da is better than factu factu factu I would say)

Udayanidhi as a new comer has tried so hard to do justice to the character but he needs to go learn acting from a good film school and learn the nuances of acting. Most importantly some serious dance training is a must before he acts in an another movie. His costume was good through out the movie.

Hanshika was cute and beautiful and did what was expected out of a heroine of such a film. Her clothing and make up was very much appropriate for the role.

Saranya Ponvannan as Udayanidhi’s mom did attempt to trickle our funny bone and was half successful.

On the whole, watch this movie if you have not watched the trailers of the movie. Because the comedy scene put in the trailers are only decent comedies in the movie. There is nothing more in the film to offer for its audience.

The songs are good to listen but a pain to watch. The running and simple dance steps are poor visualization for such good numbers.

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi is an Ok Ok laughing riot.

Watch it if you want to kill your time and may be for santhanam.

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