Papers are silent, websites are flat, newspapers state facts

Kelly Anderson who is a designer and artist by choice, in this ted talk narrates about 3 of her projects and walks us through the experience she got out of them.

The first project is a holiday card which she has designed for her friend. When she showed the card it looked like, just another holiday card with fancy texture and some weird design. The real beauty was seen only when she unfolded and folded the whole card. It was a creation not just a card. It was a documentary of opening the card itself. A sheer master piece I would say.

The second project was a wedding invitation. That was for her musical friends who were getting married. They wanted to have their own song composition in their invitation. So Kelly did all the research work and got it done for them. The audience funny bones were trickled when she explained how she asked the paper producers to supply her with paper of good audio property.

The third project was to sell newspapers similar to the New York Times with the news which people would love to see in the papers. Most of good news is distant reality. In her third project she made that distant reality a possibility. They printed all the good news instead of the actual news and circulated it to the New York City. The look at every reader’s face when they saw the fake news was a laughing riot for the audience.

The 16 minutes of watching the video is a fun ride. I did not want it to end. Ms. Anderson is truly remarkable. The way she narrated the whole concept of why life is so boring when you travel in the beaten path is impeccable. The talk basically highlights the following 2 points

  • Don’t do the regular stuff ‘coz most of them are dull, boring and depressing.
  • We need change. So design that change in a unique way.

Watch it and enjoy


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