zeppelin coverage

The word cultural lights up many faces in our college and I was one of them. As usual we had a pre cultural meet to decide on who will be what for the various cultural events. We brought in a lot of changes this time around like a brand new website, online registration, creative events to name a few.

For a change we even renamed our cultural from live wire to zeppelin. With all this in place and much more, we kick started our intra college cultural on 14 of March.

With around 25+ events all the department geared up to be the best. The registrations were sky rocketing. So we were forced to conduct prelims for many events. As an example to mention, antakshari prelims created so much of drama that the principal cancelled it for the first years. Till 14 to 23 the entire college buzzed about one word zeppelin relentlessly (they did at least for the OD’s they got in the name of zeppelin).

On the final day, that’s on 23 march we witnessed the artistic side of kcgians reaching new heights. The day kick started with solo dance performances. Kayalvizhi and Paul shared the first prize. A well deserved prize for both of them. The second prize was given to Helfina. She had the attitude for dance which got her the prize. The third prize went to Subashri for her brilliant bharatanatyam performace. Kudos to all the performers.

This was followed by battle of the music bands. With a wide variety of songs, they entertained and en thrilled the audience.

Now comes the much awaited part in zeppelin. The Choreo. This time around we had some of the best dance performances.

First performance was from the final years as a host performance. Watch the video and enjoy the sheer mass in their performance.

In the years to come this would be such a memorable moment not just for them but for the audience as well.

After watching that most of us thought we reached the saturation point where no one else can match up to this standard. We were proved wrong. With every dance performance the expectation kept growing and the competition got closer. The audience was on the edge of their seats and some of them even fell from their seats and started dancing off the dais. Most of the teams choice the popular numbers which got repeated again and again but who cares, we all enjoyed.

On the whole, Zeppelin was an awesome experience. We could not have had a perfect closing for the year.

On a personal note, it was during the course of zeppelin that I managed to make a few new friends and got to know more about my old friends. My organizing skills also got bit improved. I also taught an important lesson to myself to Stop organizing/volunteering and start participating.



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