HYLC – The Trend Setter

I am not going to narrate in detail on what happened in every council because Rohit has already done a brilliant job on that. You can check out his blog post for all the council stories.

I am just going to share my experience as an observer and a blogger of hylc.

For benefit of the readers, HYLC is the Hindustan Young Leaders Conference which is more or less a simulation of the Modern United Nations. HYLC had 6 councils, out of which 3 councils (United Nations Security Council, G20, World Intellectual Property Organization) were simulated from MUN and the other 3 councils (Rio +20, Builderberg, Indian council) were simulating the powerful councils in real world which arrives at constructive conclusions to problems faced by the world.

All the councils discussed and debated on the agenda and functioned like how the real councils work. The idea to have a crisis situation as part of the agenda was impressive. Because this demanded an impulse response from the delegates with regards to the crisis. The councils handled the crisis situation really well and arrived at a draft solution.

The insight to have councils beyond the traditional MUN style needs a great deal of experience from the organizing team of hylc. Hats off to Secretary General, Balaji and Under Secretary General, Aravindan for the efforts put in terms of the selection of the councils and the agenda for this conference.

Day-1 saw a lot of learning as the amateurs outnumbered the seasoned MUN’ers in hylc. The Chairman’s of the councils started their sessions with the rules and procedures which have to be followed during the council proceedings. They also explained the agenda and clarified the doubts of the delegates for the same.

On day-2, every council started seriously discussing on their agenda. Some of the councils were given crisis situations which were related to the topic of discussion. By now all the delegates actively participated in the discussions and voiced their views for the nation/personality they were representing.

On the final day the councils arrived at a conclusion for the agenda on which they discussed and debated for the past 2 days.

I personally liked the UNSC council because most of the delegates in UNSC were impeccable. The part I liked the most about this council was that the chair made sure every single delegate in UNSC shared their opinion when a consensus was arrived on a particular issue. Even on day-3, after the formal session was over he gave feedback’s to every individual on points which they have to work on. He also encouraged them to attend more and more MUN’s and lobby more when they attend conferences of this sort.

HYLC is a trend setter. I say that for the 5 reasons which i have listed here.

1. HYLC simulated 3 councils which were not MUN councils. This has not been done by any other institutions/MUN before.

2. HYLC saw diversity in terms of delegates/chairman’s of the councils. School kids from Dubai debating with the experienced MUN’ers in councils like UNSC were a great deal.

3. The Inauguration and valedictory function was remarkable. The dais of the Mirza hall was graced by the presence of eminent speakers  Ms. Jennifer McIntyre, Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan, Ms. Sheela Rani Chunkath, Mr. Gopalkrishna Gandhi who awe-struck the audience with their mesmerizing speeches.

4. The Woman power behind the HYLC team. From the Director, Ms. Annie Jacob, to the faculty Ms. Anita Manuel and Ms. Georgina, to the members in the organizing team Ms. Nia Sam, Ms. Beryl Natasha, all of them showed an outstanding show case of woman power.

5. The Logistics of HYLC was very well taken care of by the organizing team.

I thank the HYLC team because if not for this event i would not have known what a moderated and unmoderated caucus is (those are the terms used in the councils for a moderated and unmoderated discussions) and many such things.

An event of this magnitude requires immense support from the management. Special thanks to Mr. Anand Verghese for the support which he rendered for the hylc team without which this would not have been possible.

I just cannot wait  for the next edition of HYLC to experience this awesomeness again.

  1. #1 by Bibin on March 18, 2012 - 11:33 PM

    The blog post was quite informative and the efforts taken by HYLC was amazing and i hope tis will continue in future:)

  2. #2 by baddytwoshoes on March 19, 2012 - 12:01 AM

    Thanks bibin. I am sure if you had attended this event you would have witnessed the amazing things which happened in the hylc councils

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