This is just the beginning

Being a night owl has its own advantage and disadvantage. Take this for instance. I finished my pre-hylc blog post in the night but that was at the expense of missing the inauguration of hylc the following morning.

When I landed up in the venue around 2pm, the organizers were discussing about the interactive session that happened during the inauguration of hylc. They were overwhelmed by the quality of questions that were put forth by the audience to the chief guest Mr T.P.Sreenivasan. As they were busy organizing they were unable to brief me on that session. So I decided to be on my own.

I spend most of my time listening to discussions in the UN Security Council. I also managed to catch up with 3 other councils. They were the Indian council, G20 and Builderberg. It was a good experience as a blogger. The councils in hylc discussed and debated on various issues ranging from Palestinian statehood bid to Implementation of ACTA as a treaty if it’s ratified. After witnessing some fuming debate in the councils I travelled back home with regret that I missed the inauguration.

The first thing I did after reaching home was to check in Facebook and twitter if any bloggers had blog posted on the inauguration and found this one by Mr.Dorai

Snippets from the key note and other speeches. I sat there mesmerized. Here is a man who breathes UN in every breath. I think every little memory, every little incident has been permanently etched in this amazing mind. He has the capability to look at UN critically from India’s point of view, philosophically as a Global citizen and even though he is tree in the UN forest, is able to separate forest from trees. I would love to read his book “Words, Words, Words”. He got me interested in world bodies and their dynamics immensely. Previously the talk of UN, IMF, G20 would bring out a yawn. Not any more. There is no way I can capture the breadth, depth and spirit of his speech. I just caught a few fragments. Enjoy.

By participating in hylc, you join several traditions around the world
You need to be a good student of history
hylc is a simulation. You learn a lot by modeling and simulating world organization

Goal of UN was to rid the world of scourges of war
Yet, after UN was formed there were more than 800 wars. So UN really did not do what it set out to do. However, they argue that they stopped the Third World War. Only history can prove that.
We need UN. It is the only truly global organization to look at world problems. It started with 52 nations. But now it has 193 nations.
The participating nations feel that it is a symbol of sovereignty. We need that.

How does India look at UN?
– Taking Kashmir to UN was one of the biggest mistakes
– Since its initial idealistic model of UN, India has reset its expectations of this world body

– Centers of power in the world are changing. The current permanent members have to rethink their position
– US pays 22% of UN expenses while India pays only 0.4%. So we cannot justify being members based on our financial contributions. However, India’s contribution to UN has been enormous. It has been part of every peace keeping force UN has ever formed

On the future of UN
– Unless the power structure of UN changes, UN will not be relevant in future

This is just a beginning. I will try to blog post in detail about the day-1 of hylc.


  1. #1 by Pragadish on March 17, 2012 - 2:15 AM

    Awesome to know that such a exciting event is happening in our college.I regret missing it.

  2. #3 by Harikrishnan on March 17, 2012 - 2:34 AM

    Nyc work for the begining !! 🙂 🙂 Try gathering pics if possible..

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