Pre-Hylc blog post

Before I get started with the blog, let me brief on what hylc is and why and how I got started blogging for hylc.

HYLC stands for Hindustan Young Leaders Conference. This event will give you a unique chance to discuss and debate real time problems in an energy charged environment. To know more about the event you can check the website

I was informed by a faculty to join the hylc blogging team at the i-cell room by 3.20. At 3.25 i walked into the room to find a junior guy (apparently he is one of the coordinator of hylc) talking seriously to his friend about delegates dropping out in the last minute. As an organizer myself (not for hylc though, luckily or unluckily) I was able to figure out the trauma he must be undergoing from the look of his face. I gave him a comforting smile and took my seat.

Minutes later a bunch of guys turned up and glanced around the room. It was very evident that they were utterly clueless about hylc (like most of us). If only I had asked why they came here, “We were told that someone was going to explain us on blogging about hylc, and that’s why we are here” would have been the reply. I just didn’t trouble them with such queries and stayed quiet in my chair.

Things slowly started going out of control. That’s when Mr. Dorai, I-cell mentor came to rescue. He briefed us on what has to be done for blogging on hylc. The basic idea was to form a blogging team and get them started with this event. Since most of us were in a hurry to catch the bus we dispersed once we got a rough idea.

Dorai was kind to create a FB group. He posted the general set of rules for blogging and also other links which would help the bloggers. He also promoted it on other KCG FB groups (It was so nice of him).

Since then so much has been happening there in the FB group . Join there to know more.

PS: The scope of the FB group is beyond hylc.

That’s it for now. Will write a blog post on hylc – day1 tomorrow (or may be day after).

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