When education weds entertainment

Every school going kid on a Monday morning walks into the school as if they are walking into a funeral hall. With that big bag full of books, the kid compares entering the school as to entering the jail where he/she is educated to grow out of creativity and rational thinking.This kind of mind set is not so predominant in college because a college kid get accustomed to the system or grows out of it by the time it enters college.

Why is that so?

When the kid can watch a film of 2.30 hours duration with so much interest and enthusiasm why is the kid not able to concentrate in its subjects?

When they religiously follows an actor/actress who actually enacts some one else’s story(with exceptions of course), why don’t they do the same for the educators?

When they tap their feet and get involved whole heartly while listening to music, why is that whole heartedness missing when it comes to listening to subject lectures?

When they can read and finish a novel in a day, why is hard for them to spend the same amount of time in reading their subject books?

When they can spend endless hours in social networking sites with great interest, why is it hard to spend the same amount of time in school/college with that interest?

There are two answers likely for this question. One, the subjects does not interest the kid. Two, the way the subjects is taught is not interesting.

So, how to interest the kid into education rather than out of it. Imbibe the entertainment which they religiously follow into education. Try out ways to wed education and entertainment. If that wedding happens successfully, there will be countless number of wonders in this world.

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