Why people always need company for everything

If you have notice the people around you in school or college, you will see the gang formation and going everywhere together funda happening around you. Right from the rest room to the class room they remain together. The flock formation always prevails. I will come only if my gang mates join in else i would not. These are some of the familiar things which happens around. 

I do not mean to say it wrong, but just gonna state a few pros and cons of the always needing a company or partner will lead. There we go


You’ll feel more secure.

Confidence levels are better because of the mind set that some one will be there in the similar situation, so we are not all that alone.

Sailing in the same boat and sinking in the same boat feel will make you feel good.


No independence

Getting depressing when you want to do something and your partner or gang is in total apposition to it.


Feeling dependent on your gang for the moral support.  

Formation a gang and being part of it is not wrong, but draw the line right and stick to it. Respect your personal space. 

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