My name in The Hindu

Oh my god, i never know this will happen but it has. I am featured in The Hindu yet again. This time not my picture but my name.
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Put it on paper

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ISSUE Join young crusader Mathew Jose’s recycling campaign to save the environment. HEMA VIJAY reports

OUT OF THE BOX Mathew Jose gets school children to lend a hand

OUT OF THE BOX Mathew Jose gets school children to lend a hand

How do you go about saving 17,000 trees, get some 3,000 girl children educated, and ingrain the spirit of recycling paper and other things in thousands of individuals?

Well, if you are an enterprising young environmentalist like Mathew Jose, it might only require a one-point solution, like the Recycle Week 2011 campaign. Launched on July 18 through Paperman, the NGO that Mathew runs, Recycle Week 2011 has already seen the registration of 40 organisations, including firms such as the MARG group and schools such as Chinmaya Vidyalaya. The campaign will be on till October 16. “You can choose your week and organise a paper recycle drive at your home/apartment/office/institution, and send the proceeds of the sale to Nanhi Kali, a girl child project supported by the K.C. Mahindra Educational Trust,” Mathew informs. However, the recycle week campaign is only a small part of Paperman’s story.

Unsung eco-hero

Young Mathew Jose doesn’t quite confirm to the general image of the average ‘paper man’, who swaps old newspapers for some money. In any case, Mathew and his friends Gayathri Manoharan, Harsh Khadloya, and Kiruthika Somasundaram are out there, working to upgrade the social standing of our unsung ‘paper men’.

I am honoured :D. I have highlighted my name in purple for your convenience. Yet again i am showing off.

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