My internship @Paperman

Here’s how the story goes.

I applied for an Paid internship at Paperman on April 12 2011 at 9:53 am and wasn’t able to attend ‘coz of my exams. Finally after finishing my exams, during the end of my vacation i just had an idea to associate myself with a start up and learn in the process. That’s when i approached Paperman again(during the last week of june). A decision that not only gave me a wonderful week of learning and experience but also the chance to meet 3 nice people Mathew, Gayathri and Harsh(My Colleagues at Paperman). Now i proudly a part of a NGO which works for a Green cause to support a Social cause.

I am just trying to pen down some of the things i learnt during the internship.

Content writing is something anyone joining any new start up should do for at least a day because that’s when you read a lot about them and their activities.

You don’t need a fancy well furnished office to work on your passion.

You should be a Jack of all trades and Master of one trade.

It’s always them and not us/Our when it’s comes to promoting a people’s movement.

Marketing yourself as a brand is important.

Achievable goal setting and pushing yourself hard to attain the goal is all it takes to make your work  productive.

Continual Self assessment #ftw.

Now about Mathew, Harsh, Gayathri.

Harsh was a silent guy who talks less and is standoffish. Haven’t had a chance to know about him a lot but he was a nice chap to work with.

Gayathri, one of the amazing people i’ve ever met. We shared stories about books and programming languages, developed talks about how sucky twilight series was, how awesome percy jackson is and much more. Colleague+mentor+friend= Gayathri

Mathew Jose, the CEO of paperman is the cool boss anyone can ever have. He is a man of energy and enthusiasm.

One final concluding line: Every one should be part of a start up/NGO  ‘coz that is where the awesomness happens


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