Life around Kate

Kate was slowly getting used to her high school, her new gang of friends and her new life.Regular high school stuff kept her going.

Life around her was too plain and normal. She just wished something better could happen to her .

It was then Kate was asked by her professor to audition for a commentator’s role in her high school baseball team. That sounded perfect to her. She was so excited. Kate wasn’t an inclined anchor but still she decided to go for it. She made up her mind to take part in the audition which was to happen the next day.

She got through the auditions. She was impressive. She was not a regular host material but there was something else which gave her the edge. That was ‘coz she was part of her old school’s baseball team. Kate was never really fascinated to play baseball but she just did it for the sake of it. That helped her handle the on-ground scenerio talking a lot better than any else would.

She was asked to commentary for the First League Match. That was her first baseball match ever as a commentator. She had mixed feeling when she entered the commentary box.

There it happened, Kate met William.

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